Family Security

Children security advices :

- Talk to your children about security, safety and measures that you have identified and developed. Teach your children how to be alert to what is going on around them and how to react to possibly dangerous situations.

- Teach them not to trust everyone and to avoid speaking with or being near strangers. Teach them to avoid being alone or isolated with someone greater in age. 

 - Know their friends and their parents. Get to know the parents of your .children’s closest friends. Know their coaches, teachers, advisors, church leadership, etc. 

 - When the phone rings, children and other family members should find out who is calling before identifying the family.

 - Know where your children are supposed to be at all times and make sure they can contact the parent or a responsible adult.

 - While walking on the street, they should always be aware of what is going on around them. They should note if someone seems to be following them, watching them or approaching them improperly. If they find anything suspicious, they should immediately go to a safe place such as a public store or bank with security guards. If a secure area is not at hand, they should call out and draw attention to themselves and to the person who seems to be following them.

 - They must never get into an automobile with an unknown person.

 - Provide your children with a code word to be used in case a parent is unable to be present and has to send someone to assist the child.

 - Teach your children about the dangers of the internet