Residential Security Advices

- Houses should be surrounded by fencing or walls. 

 - Pedestrian and auto entry gates should be made of solid wood or metal. The auto entryshould be equipped with an automatic garage door opener, with controls both in the automobiles and inside the house. All gates should beequipped with viewers.
 - Exterior doors should be made of solid wood or covered with steel and provide a 180 degree view.
 - All family members and domestic help should be instructed never to open exterior doors to any stranger without identifying the person and making sure he or she is expected.
- Exterior doors and gates can be equipped with a communication system, closed circuit television and good lighting.
 - Doors and gates should have strong hinges set into the framing, secured with deadbolt locks and positive action bolts if desired.
 - Windows should be protected with locks and, if necessary, with steel bars set well into the framing and walls.
If possible, equip all exterior doors and windows with loud sounding alarm mechanisms connected to a trustworthy central alarm company for response.
 - The alarm system should contain “panic buttons” installed in the bedrooms, near exterior doors and in the kitchen.
 - All keys should be controlled. Locks should be changed or re-keyed if a key is lost or if there is a change in the domestic help.

 - Apartments are more secure than houses but they also need security attention. Windows and balconies accessible from the exterior can be protected with steel bars. Attention should be paid to any balcony or window near an adjoining roof because they may need protection.
 - Adequate control of building access should be assured. Building management should be required to provide proper training to guards. Any lack of attention to security should be brought to the attention of building management.
 - If guards are posted outside the building, they should be trained to observe the departure of residents and note any attempt at surveillance.
 - Perform an internet search or ask local police for a list of sexual offenders living in your area.